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Zero to one. 

Yes or no.

Failure or success.


Everybody has a tipping point that can propel them forward in life. Unfortunately, most people don’t even come close to reaching that point.


You work a job you hate for a long time and desire to start your own business. What needs to happen for you to make that decision?


You want to leave your current life behind and live in a different country. What needs to happen for you to make the decision to go?


Decisions are a fine line.


You either decide to go or you don’t.  


The question for you is, what is your tipping point?


Many people are stuck in life because they don’t visualize their potential, it’s too risky for them. While everybody has the potential to make a life-changing decision for their benefit, they never come close to making it because the thought of such a great change in life is difficult to visualize.


If somebody quits their job the first thing they think of is the money they won’t be getting. Once they count their loss of income from that job they worry about their bills, buying food, supporting a family. Everything piles on so much and they don’t even consider the choice of quitting a job. 


Before any decision is remotely considered, it is shut down by our own thoughts.


But what about the other side? The side where you quit your job, free up your time to work on your business, spend time with your friends and family, and travel the world capturing new experiences that give a positive outlook on life.


Is your go-decision easier to make now?


Take the time to understand where you can be in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years if you make the go-decision right now. What does it take to turn the page in your book of life and achieve the things you have always wanted to achieve?


Sure, there is always risk involved but you don’t have to go all-in when you make the go-decision.


Chip away slowly every chance you get and realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


You have made the decision to quit your job. Does that mean you have to leave right now? Absolutely not. You can start working toward your objective now and once you become comfortable you can leave your job. This is a gradual approach rather than a sudden one.


A gradual approach is safer but takes longer than a sudden approach because you won’t have as much time and may need a kick in the ass every now and again to stay on the path to reach your objective.


Listen, if you have made the decision to achieve your goals and live the way you want to live, you are already ahead of 90% of people. The next step is execution.


Take a look around at the average person and you realize they are mostly the same when it comes to choice. Most people watch TV after work. Most people work 9-5. Most people don’t take action on their goals.


Fortunately, most doesn’t mean all. There is a small percentage that truly achieves what they want in life because they make a decision and execute. 


No, the journey isn’t always perfect. 


But making the go-decision gives you a hell of a better chance of success than a no-decision. 


Defy the status quo, realize your potential, and make the go-decision.

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